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Illustrated Tutorial

Insights is where you will be doing all of your reporting. It’s got reports ranging from an overview of your entire account down to seeing exactly what a single user has done. This page is pretty big, so we’ll just be talking about the reports on the main page here.

First, to get to Insights, click the Application Switcher [1] in the upper right, then click on Insights [2]:

From here, you’ll be brought to the main Insights page. The first thing to notice is the time frame, as seen below:

The default is 90 days, but you can change that to anything you like. The dropdown [1] will let you choose from some predetermined time frames, including “All Time.” You can also manually set the dates [2] if you need something very specific.

This timeframe will determine the range of all the reports on this page, except for the first report, which is the:

Team Completion Rate

This report shows you every person in your account (or team for managers) and how far along they are in their assignments. The percentage [1] will show you the total percentage for everyone averaged out. This will compare it with your team if you are a manager.

The chart [2] will show you each learner as a small bubble. There are two things this bubble indicates:

  1. Its position from left to right will show you how far they are in their course assignments, from 0% to 100%
  2. The size of the bubble will show you how many courses they have in relation to other learners. For example, the NB learner has many more courses than any other learner.

So in this way, you can get a very good sense of how your learners are performing as individuals and as a group.

If your learners have email addresses, you can use this section to send custom emails to people based on their completion rates. To do so, simply click the Message button [3]. That will show a slider on the chart, as seen below:

Your message will be sent to any person between the two lines. You can move the slider left or right to select different people, or grab either of the lines by the circular handles in the middle to expand or shrink the slider.

Once you’ve selected the group you want to send it to, click the Select button at the bottom. This will bring up the below window, where you can type and Send your message:

More Reports


As you scroll past the Team Completion Rate report, you’ll see the above 4 reports. They’ll all be based on the time frame you picked at the top of the page. They are fairly self explanatory, but let’s go over them in order just in case.

  1. Overdue Learners shows how many learners have at least one overdue course in their account
  2. Completed Learners shows how many learners have at least one complete course in their account.
  3. The Compliance Report give you a percentage of how many completions there are compared to how many required courses have been assigned
  4. The Progress Report shows how many enrollments there are, and what percentage are Complete, In Progress, or Not Started.

You’ll also notice the Deep Dive buttons – we’ll talk about those in the next article. For now, continue scrolling down to see:

Even More Reports

Let’s go over these one by one as well:

  1. Active Learners shows how many of your learners have logged in during the time frame you selected
  2. Average Procrastination, other than being very colorful, gives you an idea of how long it takes people to complete their courses after being assigned to them.
  3. Number of Hours Spent on Learning shows how long your learners have spent in a course or other activity.
  4. Most Active Day of the Week is…well, I think you can figure it out.

We’ll cover the Deep Dive button below Active Learners in the next article. For now, let’s talk about:

Wow, Even More Reports!

These last two reports are interesting, and can also be very important.

Device Distribution [1] will show you what percentage of people are using PCs/Laptops/Macs (the pinksection), what percentage use mobile phones (the turquoise section), and what percentage use tablets (the not-pictured yellow section). SafetyNow is completely mobile friendly, so all of these devices will work, although we recommend using a PC, Mac, or Tablet for the optimal experience.

The Statistics [2] sections shows various numbers based on the time frame you selected. Most of these are self explanatory, although in your situation you won’t see any Authors, Managers or Admins since we’ve set up special roles that don’t fit in there.