Manage Existing Assignments

Video Tutorial

Illustrated Tutorial

After assigning a course, you may need to change the due date, remove a learner from a course, or even pass a user for a certain course. Click any of the below links to jump straight to the section for the change you need to make:

  1. Change the Due Date
  2. Pass or Reset a learner
  3. Set the completion Score
  4. Change the expiration date
  5. Remove a learner

Getting Started

To make any changes, you’ll need to find the course. First, go to the Author tab and search for the course you wish to preview. Once you find it, click the name of the course to be brought to the main course page. From there, click Learners.

You’ll see your list of learners, and from there you can start making changes.

Change the Due Date

To change the due date, simply click on the number of days due in the Due Date column, as pictured below:

Once you’ve clicked it, you’ll get two options: No due date and  Pick a date.

Clicking No due date will change it so the user won’t have any particular date that they need to take it by. They will not show up as overdue on reports, or get emails about being overdue.

Clicking Pick a date will let you pick a specific date on a calendar. The new due date will show up once you have chosen a particular date.

This will only apply to the single user you clicked, so if you need to make more changes, you’ll need to do it for each learner individually.

Pass or Reset a learner

If a learner has not completed a course, you can manually pass them. This will set their status to Complete and use today’s date as the passing date. To do so, click the circle in the progress column for a user who has not passed the course yet, as pictured below:

Once you click the circle, just click the option to “Mark Complete.”

You can also reset a learner back to the beginning of a course, if they are in progress or have completed it. To do so, click the partially filled circle or check mark for a user (pictured below), and then click Reset Progress.

If a learner was in progress, then they will have to take the course from the beginning. If they had completed it, it will remove their certificate and they’ll have to complete it again.

Set the Completion Score

In the screenshot above, you can see that the SafetyNow account passed the course with 100% on the quizzes. You can change this simply by clicking the score and typing in a new number. It’s as simple as that!

Change the Expiration Date

Not all courses expire, so this may not apply to you. If your course is set to expire, you can change the date to whatever you want it to be. To do so, just click the expiration date in the Expires column, pictured below:

This will bring up a calendar where you can choose a new expiration date.

Remove a Learner

If a learner is required to take a course, i.e. they did not sign up for it themselves, and they have not completed it yet, you can remove their enrollment. This is as simple as clicking the X in the final column, as pictured below: