Learner Reports

Video Tutorial

Illustrated Tutorial

These first two reports show you exactly what your learners are doing. Clicking on the Deep Dive button will bring you to the appropriate report. Here’s a labelled chart of exactly what these reports look like:

Let’s go over each label:

  1. Report type. Clicking here will let you change to any of the following reports
    • Overdue Learners – Shows all assignments that are overdue
    • Incomplete Learners – Shows all assignments that have not been completed, including overdue assignments
    • Completed Learners – Shows completed assignments
    • Sign-in Report – Shows when your users have been signing in and how often. We’ll go over this below.
  2. Time frame. This will be inherited from the Insights page but can be changed here as well.
  3. Fine Tune AKA Filters. We’ll go over these below.
  4. Export CSV. This will export a spreadsheet of your current report.
  5. Column labels. These can be clicked to sort the associated column.
  6. Learner name. This can be clicked to go directly to the Learner’s account
  7. Course name. This can be clicked to show the course summary.

A couple of quick tips:

  • If you’re not seeing what you expect, make sure the time frame is set to All Time.
  • Exporting to CSV shows more information than what is shown on the site. It shows things like e-mail addresses, group names, custom fields, etc.
  • You don’t have to go back to Insights every time you want a new report. You can use the switcher at the top.

All of the three Learners reports are very similar, though the details might differ a little.

Finally, let’s talk about Fine Tuning.

  Fine Tune Report

To refine what is displayed in your report, click the Fine Tune link [1]. You can refine your report by group, program, course, tag, team, or learner. To select a refinement field, click a field button [2].

Choose Refinement Options

  Choose Refinement Options

To select refinement options, click the option that corresponds with the item you want to include [1]. To see more options, click the Show Next button [2]. When you are finished, click the Done link [3].

Apply Refinement

  Apply Refinement

To add an additional refinement, click the Add another refinement link [1]. To apply your refinements, click the Apply button [2].