Custom Reports

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You can create and export custom reports for your account. Custom reports are based on user enrollment and can be filtered by date, group, team, enrollment type, enrollment status, content type, and content tags. Reports are exported as CSV files.

Open Application Switcher Menu

  Open Application Switcher Menu

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Application Switcher icon [1]. Then, click the Insights menu option [2].

Open Deep Dive Reports

  Open Deep Dive Report

In the Insights page, click the Deep Dive button in the Compliance widget or the Enrollment Progress widget. Both buttons link to the Deep Dive Reporting page.

Select Report

  Select Report

The Deep Dive page defaults to the Reporting by Team report.

To change the view of your report, click the Reporting by drop-down menu. You can choose to view your report by People, Groups, Team, or Content.

Set Report Time Frame

  Set Timeframe list

The Date filter defaults to the time frame set in the Insights page, which is the last 90 days. To view a different time frame, click the Date Filter drop-down menu [1] and select a time frame for your report [2]. You can view a report based on data collected in the last 7 days, last 30 days, last 90 days, the current month to date, the current quarter to date, the current year to date, all time since the account was created, or a custom time frame.

Choose Custom Time Frame

  Custom Date Calendar

When selecting a custom time frame, use the calendar to select a start and end date for your report [1]. Navigate between months by using the arrow icons [2]. You can also enter the start and end dates manually by typing in the Custom Date field [3].

Select Report Filters

  Filter results

To filter the report, you can use the sidebar filters. Selected filters are applied automatically to the report. You can select as many filters as necessary.

To expand a filter type and select specific data, click the name of the filter type in the Filter list [1]. You can filter your results by group, team, enrollment type, enrollment status, content type, and content tags.

Available filter items display in a list below the name of the filter type. To select a specific list item, select the checkbox next to the item(s) you want to include in the report [2]. Filters also display beneath the report name [3].

To remove a filter, deselect the filter checkbox in the sidebar, or locate the filter option under the report name and click the Remove icon [4].

To collapse the filter list, click the filter Collapse icon [5]. Filter types that include selected filter items display the number of items next to the filter type [6].

To clear all selected filters, click the Clear All link [7].

You can choose to collapse the sidebar by clicking the sidebar Collapse icon [8].

View Report

  View Report

Report results can be sorted alphabetically from A to Z or from Z to A [1]. The number of results per page can also be modified according to your viewing preference in the Results Per Page drop-down menu [2]. You can view 25, 50, 75, 100, or 150 results per page.

Report results display the following data:

  • Name [3]: The name of the user or group
  • Enrollments [4]: The number of enrollments assigned to the user or group
  • Incomplete [5]: The number of incomplete enrollments for a user or group
  • Completions [6]: The number of completed enrollments for a user or group

To view greater detail for an item in the report, click the item link [7].

View Details

  View Details

When viewing a specific link in the report, the link opens to a new page showing the details of that item [1].

  • If you click the name of a group in your report results, the page displays the learners in that group.
  • If you click the name of a learner, the page displays the learner’s enrollments.
  • If you click the name of a team, the page displays all members of the team as well as their reporting teams.

To return to any of the previous pages, click a link in the breadcrumb trail below the page header [2]. Archived courses will display an Archived badge [3].

Export CSV

  Export CSV

To export and download your custom report, click the Export link. A new window will open and the download will begin automatically.

Note: Reports that are viewed by team will contain data for all users nested below the team leader.

Exit Deep Dive Reporting

  Close icon

To exit the Deep Dive Reporting page and return to the Insights page, click the Close icon.