Assigning Courses to Groups

Video Tutorial

Illustrated Tutorial

Courses can be assigned individually, or they can be assigned to groups of people. Assigning courses to a group can be incredibly useful in building a curriculum. When you assign a course to a group, that assignment will “stick” and anyone added to the group will automatically get the course. This can be used to create a curriculum for different groups without having to assign the courses to each individual.

Before assigning courses to a group, you’ll have to create at least one group first.

There are two ways to assign courses to a group: by individual course, or through the groups menu.

Assigning individual courses

The first way is to pick a course, and then assign it to a group. Start by going to the Author tab from the Application Switcher and searching for the course you need. From there, click on the Groups tab, as pictured below:

Once on the Groups tab, click on the +Group button in the upper right.

This will open up a window allowing you to search for an existing group. Type in the beginning of the group name and it will automatically pop up below. Click on that group to add it. You’ll then decide a relevance by clicking on the dropdown on the right side. If you want them to take it, then change this to Required. Finally, click Save.

You can see these steps in order below:

And that’s it! Any time someone is added to the group, they will get the course you just assigned to that group.

Assigning through the Groups section

Instead of assigning individual courses to multiple groups, you can instead go to an individual group and assign courses that way.

To start, go to the Admin section under the Application Switcher. From there, click on Users & Permissions, and in the sub-menu that appears, click on Manage Groups. This is pictured below:

In the list of groups that appears, click on the name of the group you want to assign courses to. From there, you’ll be brought to a page showing all the members of the group. To start assigning courses, click Relevant Content at the top. To assign a course, click +Content in the upper right.

In the new window that opens up, you can start adding courses, or any other type of content. Just type the beginning of the name to search, then click on the appropriate course. That will add the course to that group, just like if you’d gone to the course and added the group that way.

This view also allows you to see what’s already been assigned to the group in case you need to change it.